• The ENL Young Explorers is an after-school program which takes place at Morse Elementary School. 

    This program is open to current and former ENL students in grades 3-5.  Students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all while exploring different topics.  Among the many areas of exploration are cooking, play writing, theater, science and technology, and arts and crafts.  


    To learn more about this program, please contact Mary Marshall- Mmarshal@poughkeepsieschools.org or Tracey Bleau at Tbleau@poughkeepsieschools.org
    We  are also providing ENL Extended Learning Time at Warring Elementary and Krieter Elementary. 
    For more about the program at Warring Elementary, please contact Jawan Trocino- jnesheiwat@poughkeepsieschools.org 
    For more about the program at Krieger Elementary, please contact Djamilia Iagia - diagia@poughkeepsieschools.org