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    Poughkeepsie Athletics Booster Club

    Purpose & Function:

    The Poughkeepsie Athletic Department is looking for volunteers to form an Athletics Booster Club to represent all Poughkeepsie CSD teams.  A booster club is defined as “an organization that is created to help support the efforts of a school district’s sports teams.”  Support includes volunteering time, raising money, forming scholarships, and providing appropriate resources to student-athletes. 

    A booster club provides enthusiastic support for the school teams.  This type of support can be emotional or psychological parental support, but it is given collectively. Booster clubs play a crucial role in supporting the athletic department and teams.  Booster clubs may raise money by printing approved promotional items. They can organize team events, such as pregame or postgame dinners or social events during the season. Booster clubs may perform, meet or manage in any way following the above-stated definition.  

    Booster Clubs Members Expectations:

    • Volunteer time and raise money
    • Print promotional items such as team schedules, programs, and yearbooks (subject to approval by the athletic director)
    • Listen and work closely with the District coaches
    • Discuss as official business any item that meets the definition or function of a booster club
    • Adhere to all Section I, NYSPHSAA, & New York State educational laws
    • Develop bylaws within the booster club so the community can sustain the club over a prolonged period


    Booster Club Members Cannot:

    • Openly critique the coaching staff, teams, and its student-athletes
    • Evaluate the athletic program
    • Openly discuss playing time issues, coaching styles, or the selection of a team.
    • Withhold funding to control the hiring or firing of a coach or staff members
    • Offer a petition by booster club members to hire/fire a coach
    • Discuss as official business any item that does not meet the definition and function of a booster club


    The Poughkeepsie athletics program needs your support in making positive student-athlete experiences and supporting the overall community.  I am ready to embrace the ideas of the community to elevate the athletic program.  If you want to volunteer your time and become a charter member of the booster club, please contact me at pbianco@poughkeepsieschools.org or 845-451-4850 ext. 8.  

Contact Info

  • Athletics Department Staff

    Peter Bianco, CAA
    Executive Director of Physical Education, Health Services, Athletics and Recreation
    (845) 451-4850 Ext. 6482

    Vincent Lawrence
    Athletic Trainer
    (845) 451-3134

    Margaret Piro
    Poughkeepsie High School Equipment Manager
    (845) 451-4895

    Poughkeepsie High School Nurse
    (845) 451-4882

    Stacey Maddalena
    Poughkeepsie Middle School Nurse
    (845) 451-4810

    Athletic Secretary
    (845) 451-4895

    Poughkeepsie High School
    70 Forbus Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    Phone: (845) 451-4895