• We prepare for the new school year with great excitement for what is in store for Poughkeepsie City School District children. We ended the 2022-2023 year with evidence-supported student growth. This was achieved through new programs, increased supports, expanded programming for all students and districtwide improvements to our schools under our Strong Schools Equal Strong Communities Capital Improvement Project.
    We will return, advancing the next chapter of the work of our 5-year Strategic Plan, strengthening our impact on the success of our community’s most precious asset - our children. I am excited to share a few of the innovations that will welcome the school community upon their return:

    Instructional Program

    •    Expanded pre-K through 8th grade academic supports.
    •    Expansion of the Dual Language Program (pre-K through 1st grade.
    •    Expanded supports and programming for ENL and students with exceptionalities (pre-K through 12th grade).
    •    Expanded music and art programming (pre-K through 12th grade).
    •    Expanded career and technical education programming (Grades 6-12).
    •    Student instructional furniture upgrades.

    Student Support Program

    •    Expanded social-emotional supports.
    •    Reinstatement of the evening food program.
    •    Additional extended Community Schools programming.
    •    Extended athletic programming and facilities upgrades.

    Operational Program

    •    Safety and security upgrades.
    •    Building and facilities improvements through the Capital Improvement Project.
    •    New capital projects * (i.e. pool upgrades, HVAC upgrades, windows, floors, ceiling, etc.).

    We are entering year four of our five-year journey to academically and structurally transform our schools. The five-year strategic plan represents a substantial investment into the future of Poughkeepsie City School District students. Its success rests on staff, parents, community, and strategic partners working together to achieve our collective vision of the educational experience PCSD students should receive to be college and career ready upon graduation – this strategic plan outlines the vision for this work in 2020 – 2025. 
    For more information on what is in store for the 2023-24 academic year, please take a look at the '23-24 district-wide goals and performance objectives. You can see what we've already accomplished in our 2019-2023 Milestone Accomplishments report.