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    Letters from Superintendent to Parents and Caregivers

    Letters from Superintendent to Parents and Caregivers: Dr. Rosser recognizes that under the executive order the accessibility of school staff has been met with great challenge. To ensure that important information and updates are shared with PCSD parents, Dr. Rosser will frequently communicate with parents through School Messenger and written correspondence. To guarantee that parents receive the School Messenger phone calls update your phone number here. Written correspondence can be found under this link: Written Correspondence

    School Closure Mandates

    Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order that requires schools across New York to provide supports and services during school closure. These requirements are designed to ensure that students across the state are provided essential services and support during school closure.

    • Student Instruction: The Poughkeepsie City Schools is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience to all PCSD students. In response to the governor’s order to close schools, each school is responsible to provide students with instruction throughout the school closure period. PCSD’s initial response to this requirement was to construct self-guided At-Home Learning Materials for all students. Anticipating schools to be closed beyond April 17, 2020, PCSD is planning to transition the use of self-guided At-Home Learning materials to students accessing and completing assignments online.
      • PCSD At-Home Learning Materials: Each school prepared instructional materials for students to complete. These instructional materials have been created by PCSD teachers with their students in mind. Twenty school days (March 17 – April 17) of instructional materials can be located in this section.
      • Distance Learning: As part of the Poughkeepsie City School District’s strategy to enhance student learning, the district has aggressively begun the process of integrating technology into its learning environments.
      • Supplemental Learning Materials/Resources: These supplemental learning materials/resources have been identified to support student learning beyond the instructional materials provided by PCSD teachers. Resources are both "no-tech" and "tech connected".
    • Free Breakfast and Lunch: Student learning and growth is greatly supported by student consuming healthy foods daily. To address the nutritional needs of Poughkeepsie City School District students during the school closures, the Food Service department is providing free breakfast and lunch to students at several sites throughout Poughkeepsie.
    • Child Care for First Responders and Health Care Workers: PCSD is partnering with Christ Episcopal Church and Healthy Kids to help coordinate childcare services for parents who are first responders or healthcare workers. 
    • COVID-19 Response Guide for Families: Gathering pertinent information from local, county, state and Federal sources