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    The Tech Central Office is responsible for hardware and software related to the District’s instructional program. Tech Central also oversees and supports all electronic communications, instructional record-keeping and Internet access in the district, as well as the repair and maintenance of computer and media equipment.

    Technology Department Staff

    TBD                                                                           Infrastructure Manager

    Brian Cook                                                                Network Administrator

    Eric Schmidt                                                             Support Specialist

    TBD                                                                           Microcomputer/Network Support

    Jeff Kover                                                                 Microcomputer Technician

    Smart Schools Investment Information

    District Technology Plan

    Smart School Preliminary Investment Plan

    Board Agendas and Presentations

    Smart Classrooms Mobile Devices

    Policies Related to Educational Technology

    Internet Safety Policy
    Computer Use in Instruction
    Computer Use in Instruction Regulation

Contact Info

  • For inquires regarding technologies in the school district please contact:

    Technology Department
    Administration Building @ Columbus School
    18 S. Perry Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

    Phone: (845) 451-4791