JROTC news


  • NY-20141 Has many Special Teams from Color Guard to Drill and many more. If you're interested speak to the Drill Commander Denva Hamilton or SASI Chief Master Sergeant Wagner.


    Meetings are usually no longer then 2 hours after school(Unless there's a competition close).
    There are many events from Parades to City/County events and Memorial Day ceremonies

    Joining one of these special teams can boost your community service hours and assist you for the ones need to graduate.

    Special Teams Available:
    Color Guard- Presents the flags and rifles at special events.
    Drill Team- Performs drill(marching) movements in competitions.
    Sabre Team- Presents Swords at sports related events and Military Ball.
    Rifle Team- Presents rifles at halftimes or competitions.
    Flag Detail- Raises and Lowers the flag on a daily basis.
    Awareness Presentation Team- Goes school to school and talks to kids about problems faced in and out of school.
    Rocketry Team- Learns how to build and fly model rockets.
    Technology TeamTakes pictures at events and makes sure website is up to date.