• Poughkeepsie High School

    Assessment Calendar 


    September 2017

    Sept 9th- ACT  Administered

    Sept 25-29 STAR Assessment

    October 2017

    Oct 1st- SAT Administered

    Oct 14th- PSAT  Administered

    OCT 28th- ACT Administered

    November 2017

    Nov 5th- SAT  Administered

    Quarter 1 ends Nov 9th

    December 2017

    Dec 3rd- SAT Administered

    Dec 4th-8th- Common Assessment Week

    Dec 9th- ACT Administered

    Dec 21st- Data Analysis and Reteach Plan due

    January and February  2018

    Jan 21st- SAT Administered

    Jan 22-25th NYS Regents Exams

    Quarter 2 ends Jan 26th

    Feb 10th- ACT Administered

    Feb 12th-16th  STAR Assessment

    March 2018

    Mar 5th-9th Common Assessment Week

    Mar 23rd- Data Analysis and Reteach Plan due

    Mar 11th- SAT  Administered

    April 2018

     April 9 – Friday, May 18th NYSESLAT Speaking

    April 14th- ACT Administered

    Quarter 3 ends April 6th

    May 2018

    May 6th- SAT  Administered

    May 7- 18th AP Exams

    May 7 – Friday, May 18th NYSESLAT Listening, Reading, and Writing

    May 21st-25th  STAR Assessment

    June 2018

     Jun 3rd- SAT Administered

    June 9th- ACT  Administered

    Quarter 4 ends June 14th

    June 5-22nd  NYS Regents and Ratings Days