Welcome to the Math Department

  • Financial algebra class at PHSPoughkeepsie High School offers a variety of mathematics classes to meet the New York State graduation requirements.

    There are courses in algebra, calculus, computer science, geometry and programming.

    See the mathematics courses page for details on all the math classes offered at PHS this year.


    • Algebra IA (9th grade)⇒  Algebra IB (10th grade)⇒  Geometry (11th grade)⇒  Algebra II (12th grade)
    • Algebra IR (9th grade)⇒  Geometry (10th grade)⇒   Algebra II (11th grade)⇒  DCC Precalculus (11th grade - prerequisite 70+ in Algebra II)
    • Geometry H (9th grade)⇒  Algebra II H (10th grade)⇒ DCC Precalculus (11th grade - prerequisite 70+ in Algebra II)⇒  AP Calculus AB (12th grade - prerequisite Precalculus from College Board)
    • Computer science: Programming I/II (9th)⇒  AP Computer Science Principles (10th - prerequisite Algebra I from College Board)⇒ AP Computer Science A (11th - prerequisite Algebra I and English 9 from College Board)⇒  TBD in 2024-25 Cybersecurity/Game Design
    • AIS: Algebra I AIS (no credit)


    • Programming I (0.5 credit) and Programming II (0.5 credit)
    • M.A.S.T. I (0.5 credit) and M.A.S.T II (0.5 credit)
    • Financial Algebra (1 credit)
    • AP Computer Science Principles (1 credit)  Prerequisite:  Algebra I (College Board)
    • AP Computer Science A  (1 credit) Prerequisite:  Algebra I & English 9 (College Board)