Guidance news

Guidance contacts

  • Marjorie AmbroiseDr. Marjorie Ambroise
    SEL Guidance Counselor
    Ext. 6478

    Stephanie FataStephanie Fata
    Transition Coordinator
    Students with Exceptionalities, Grades 7-12
    Ext. 6477

    SRO Jonathan GeussJonathan Geüss 
    School Resource Officer
    Ext. 6454


    Amairani Perez-Antonio
    School Counselor
    9th grade
    Ext. 6474

    Jason Conrad
    School Counselor
    10th grade
    Ext. 6475

    Takiyah IngramTakiyah Ingram
    School Counselor
    Class of 2025 – Grade 11
    Ext. 6476

    Stacey Lee
    School Counselor
    Class of 2024 – Grade 12
    Ext. 6473

    Kelly SemexantKelly Semexant
    College Readiness and Workforce Education Counselor
    Ext. 6464

    LizaBeth MadaraLizaBeth Madara, LCSW
    School Social Worker, Grades 9-12
    Ext. 6441

    Kiera O'LoughlinKiera O’Loughlin
    School Case Worker
    Ext. 6452