About the Superintendent

  • A message from Interim Superintendent of Schools:


    Dear Parents and Community Members,

    As we enter the months of holiday celebration I wish to both thank you
    for the support you provide to our staff and District every day, and
    to wish you the happiest and most joyful days in the time to come.

    The New Year will be soon upon us, and 2019 will bring a new beginning
    for us all in the work we do to support your children.  We are
    fortunate to have this opportunity,

    May you enjoy the blessings of a Thanksgiving filled with family and
    friends, and a December of peace and gratitude.

    With warm wishes to all from our Board of Education and myself.



    Dr. Kathleen Farrell                                           Dr. Farrell


    Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

    Welcome to a new school year in our District!  This is going to be a September of Success for your children and a year of promise fulfilled.  I am looking forward to meeting your children and to working with you to make our district stronger, our students more capable, and the future brighter.
    We will continue to focus our work on Literacy and Math skills, the foundation of all learning.  Our ELC program will provide an enriched environment for our youngest students, with Art, Music and Physical Education as part of the curriculum.  Our Elementary schools will include full academic support through our AIS programs and our ENL staff is at work developing enriching and supportive activities for our bilingual students.
    And we will, of course, continue to provide a wide array of elective subjects at our high school, including AP and college courses, in addition to collaborative vocational and technical programs at our Boces.  Our partnership with Dutchess Community College and Central Hudson, our E-Tech grant holders, is strong.  Working with Marist, Vassar, Mount St. Mary, and SUNY New Paltz, our campus is filled with student teachers --extra hands for our learners and staff.  
    Our district has talented, compassionate, and community oriented students.  Our administrators, teachers, support staff and custodians all work hard to assure that our schools are secure and attractive.  Our bus drivers and security staff constantly assess safety issues.  Our food service staff keeps our students well nourished, and our nurses make sure our students stay healthy and able to focus on the hard work of growing up.  
    Surely, we have difficult tasks ahead.  But together, we are prepared.  Together, we have the will to find the way to build a strong bridge to success for our youth.  After all -- we are Poughkeepsie and Proud!

    Contact Information
    Jane Bolin Administration Building
    11 College Avenue
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
    Phone: (845) 451-4972                                                                                    

    The Superintendent of Schools supervises all matters directly or indirectly affecting the operations of the school district. She ensures that the administration of the school system conforms with existing laws, regulations and policies adopted by the Board of Education.

    To keep up to date on events and happenings in the District please look at our calendar and read announcements that are sent home with students.

    Selected School Board Policies related to the Superintendent

    3000 Administration Goals
    3100 Superintendent of Schools
    3120 Duties of the Superintendent
    3160 Evaluation of the Superintendent

    Please note that the District maintains an online Policy Manual which contains the most up-to-date policies. The online manual is searchable by keyword or policy name.