• The Middle School Social Studies department will be piloting myWorld History. It is an interactive History curriculum provided by Savvas Learning Company, aligned to ELA and Net Generation Learning Standards. 

    "Social studies is more than dots on a map and dates on a timeline. It’s where we’ve been and where we’re going. Social studies programs from Savvas Learning Company encourage students from diverse populations to explore their world, expand their thinking, and engage with the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework. The curriculum includes:

    • Activity baed-learning
    • Strong literacy connections
    • Wide array of teaching options
    • Primary and secondary sources
    • Flexibility and easilty adaptable to every student and classroom.

    myWorld Curriculum is:

    • Inspire Active Learning
      Project-Based Learning creates rich inquiry experiences that develop skills for active and responsible citizenship.
    • Inspire Literacy Engagement
      Lessons help students read closely, analyze information, and communicate well-defended ideas.
    • Inspire Flexible Classrooms
      Teaching Options and Resources provide flexibility to meet differentiation needs, delivery approaches, and time constraints.


    Instructional Framework 

    This is a research-based instructional model which offers a four-part structure to enhance  teaching and learning—Connect, Investigate, Synthesize, and Demonstrate. It was  developed in collaboration with a Participatory Design Committee of teachers and  Curriculum Supervisors, by Savvas Learning Company.

    "The model can be applied to print, digital, or blended instruction situations, providing  greater flexibility for teachers. It reflects the language of an inquiry or project-based  learning approach to Social studies. Most importantly, this model is student-centered  unlike most instructional models that are teacher-centered. This shift results in greater  student accountability and increased mastery of performance expectations and  state standards."

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