• Elementary Assessments

    During the elementary school years, our focus is on monitoring student progress in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Teachers use data from classroom, district, and other assessments to make decisions about how to individualize instruction for each student.  Additionally, students in elementary school take a variety of state and local assessments throughout their schooling.  These assessments are designed to determine placement, monitor progress, and measure academic growth.

     i-Ready Diagnostic

    During the school year, we will be using i-Ready for Grades K-12 to determine our student's strengths and needs in reading and math and to provide a personalized individual learning path for each student. This personalized path will allow students to get support with any content/skills that they need to review as well as content/skills both on grade level and above grade level.

     i-Ready includes a Diagnostic Tool that will measure student strengths and needs three times per year: in September/October, January, and May/June. i-Ready is NOT a test. It is a tool we will use to help personalize your child's learning. Here is a helpful document to support your child in preparing for the diagnostic: Preparing for the Diagnostic

    i-Ready Assessment:


    Beginning of Year

    September 19 - October 7


    January 09 - 27

    End of Year

    May 22 - June 09


     State Assessments

    Starting in grade 3, students will take a state assessment in ELA and Math, and a science assessment in grade 5 (in 2024).  These assessments are intended to measure student growth and achievement and are given in the Spring.

    Here is the schedule (provided by the state) for the elementary and middle level assessments.