• The Science department is using Inspire by McGraw Hill as a resource as well as teacher-developed curricula, that is being worked on by some of our PCSD teachers with the support of DC BOCES instructional specialist, Rosa Moshi. Inspire is a research-based science curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Standards, which teachers are also aligning with the investigations and needs of our students. 

    Key components of Inspire:

    • Collaboration 
    • Hands-on activities
    • Virtual Subscription
    • Cross-curricular connections
    • Critical thinking through inquiry-driven activities
    • Real World STEM connections
    • Career connections

    Teachers have worked on and continue to develop key assessments and activities that align with the NY state investigations, Next Generation Learning Standards, and expectations for grades -8 in preparation for high school level science.

    Students will engage in science and engineering opportunities while interacting with hands-on labs, videos, and interactions. They will engage in hands-on, minds-on inquiry throughout the curricular process. The integration of engineering design, aligned to the next gen. standards to develop students' problem-solving skills and build real-world societal and environmental connections.