Available Records

  • Accident Reports – Student and Workers’ Compensation
    Adult Education Records
    All Reports Submitted to the State Education Department
    Annual District Budgets
    Annual Financial Reports
    Appropriation and Expense Ledgers
    Arbitration Cases – Final Opinions
    Attendance Reports
    Audit Reports – Internal and External
    Bank Statements
    Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) Reports
    Bidding Records
    Board of Education Minutes of Meetings – Regular and Special
    Bond Issue Information
    Bond Registers
    Building Health Inspection Reports
    Building Project Reports
    Canceled Checks
    Census Reports
    Civil Defense Reports
    Civil Service Records and Reports
    Court Cases – Final Opinions
    Curriculum Guides
    Debt Statements
    District Educational Plan
    Employment Certificates
    Employee Contracts – teachers, central office (salary statements)
    Equipment Inventories
    Extra-classroom Activities Fund Records
    Federal Aid Records
    Fire Drill Reports
    Fire Inspection Reports
    General Ledger
    Grievance Cases – Final Opinions
    Health and Dental Insurance Records
    Insurance Policies
    Journals of Original Entry
    Minutes of District Annual Meetings
    Payroll Records
    Physical Fitness Test Results
    Policy, Regulation and Bylaw Manuals
    Property Deeds
    Purchasing Records
    Record of District Disbursements
    Record of District Elections
    Records of Special District Meetings
    Regent Examination Records (Group) Intermediate Schools
    Registration Procedures – Clerk of Board – minutes book
    Retirement and FICA Reports
    School Calendar
    School District Contracts
    School Lunch Records
    School and Staff Manuals and Guidelines
    Social Security Reports
    Staff Reports (General)
    Standardized Test Scores (Group)
    State Aid Records
    Student Driver Education Reports
    Substitute Teacher Reports
    Tax Collection Records
    Tenured Teachers List
    Three-Hour Pre-Licensing Course Records
    Transportation Records
    Treasurer’s Reports and Receipts
    Tuition Records