FOIL Requests & Student Records

  • The District Clerk is the Records Access Officer for the Poughkeepsie City School District. The following rules and regulations apply to requests to inspect or receive copies of records maintained by the Board of Education.

    The Records Access Officer is designated to receive requests for records of the Board of Education and make such records available for inspection or copying when such requests are granted. She shall compile and maintain a detailed current list by subject matter, of all records in the possession of the Board, whether or not available to the public.

    Please contact the District Clerk/Records Access Officer for requests for access to records under the Freedom of Information Law.  Requests must be in written form; printed or e-mail.  The District shall respond to a request within five (5) business days.

    Becky Torres
    District Clerk/Records Access Officer
    Poughkeepsie City School District
    18 S. Perry Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

    Please click on the link below for more information on the Freedom of Information Law from the New York State Committee on Open Government.

    Subject Matter List

    1. The district shall maintain a reasonably detailed current list by subject matter of all records in its possession, whether or not records are available pursuant to subdivision two of section eighty-seven of the Public Officers Law;
    2. The subject matter list shall be sufficiently detailed to permit identification of the category of the record sought.
    3. The subject matter list shall be updated not less than twice per year (April and October).


    1. There shall be no fee charged for the following:
      1. inspection of records;
      2. search for records; or
      3. any certification pursuant to this part.
    2. The district’s fee for copies shall not exceed twenty-five cents per page for photocopies not exceeding 9 by 14 inches in size. Other documents shall be reproduced at cost if greater than twenty-five cents.

    Student Records

    In order to obtain student records, please complete a FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form and submit to the school that the student attends.

    FERPA Release Fillable Form