• Mission

    The Poughkeepsie City School District registers all students at the Central Registration Office located in the front lobby of the Poughkeepsie Middle School at 55 College Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. To newly register or re-enroll their child or children, parents need to bring the following:

    Documents Needed to Register
    Acceptable Proof of Residence
    Acceptable Proof of Identity
    Acceptable Proof of Birth/Custody/Immunization
    Residency Letter Templates and Affidavits

    Registration Forms Required for All Students Including Pre-K

    PCSD 2019-20 Student Registration and Enrollment Form

    PCSD 2019-20 Registro del Alumno y Formulario de Inscripcion- Registration Form Spanish

    PCSD Housing Survey

    Encuesta de Vivienda–Housing Survey Spanish

    Home Language Questionnaire

    Cuestionario de Idioma

    Other Forms

    Records Release Request
    McKinney/Vento Homeless Information
    Student Health Appraisal Form

    After parent(s)/guardian(s) have filed a complete enrollment application packet with Central Registration Office and have presented the required proofs, Central Registration will request transcripts from student’s previous school and forward the registration packet to the appropriate building. When applicable, selected packet components will be sent to the ESL teacher of the school the child is entering, Student Services, Tech Central and Food Services. Once a review of the student’s placement requirements has been completed by the school,  parent(s)/guardian(s) will be called by a representative from that school to schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment process. Please be advised that the building principal or guidance counselor will provide the information about student class placement. If class sizes in certain neighborhood elementary schools reach maximum numbers, a new entrant may have to attend another elementary school outside the neighborhood attendance area. No student records/files will be retained at the Central Registration Office. Each building is responsible for creating and holding all student files.

    Admission of non-resident students

    Board Policy 5152 (Admission of Non-Resident Students) identifies the conditions under which students who move out of the district may remain in the school on a non-tuition paying basis. It also identifies how a non-resident student may be admitted to district schools upon payment to the district of the Board-adopted tuition charge.

    Registration of students returning to the district

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of students who have left the district and are now returning must go to the Central Registration office to complete a new enrollment packet and to submit all updated documentation as appropriate.