• The Board of Education of the City of Poughkeepsie School District believes that the name chosen for a school facility is a powerful expression of community values. Our school buildings received their current names between 1890 and 1930. Because communities change over time, we believe that the district should periodically review building and facilities names to ensure that they are in alignment with district’s mission and the community’s values.

    For three reasons, the Board believes that now is the right time to begin such a review: 1) major capital improvement projects are well underway; 2) new school configuration ideas are being systematically researched and discussed; and 3) the board has received input from community members encouraging us to review our building names.

    Hence, pursuant to Board Policy 2250, which authorizes the Board President to “establish standing or ad hoc committees to conduct studies, report findings, make recommendations and act in an advisory capacity,” the City of Poughkeepsie Board of Education hereby establishes a new ad hoc committee of the Board entitled the Building Name Study Group.

    The Building Name Study Group shall:

    • reach out to community groups to engage them in conversation about school building names;
    • compile and review information on the history of the district’s current building and facilities names;
    • identify the viewpoints, accomplishments, and legacies of each building’s namesake;
    • assess whether these viewpoints, accomplishments, and legacies align with the current district mission and community values. If the study group determines that namesake legacies are not aligned to current mission and values, the group shall:
      • identify alternative ways of honoring the accomplishments and learning about the legacy of a current building namesake;
      • compile a list of alternative building names for the Board’s consideration; and
      • advise the Board on how to engage and include the whole city community in this process through presentations, further outreach, public hearings, and/or other activities.


    The study group will provide a report to the Board of Education on all of the above matters by January 1, 2025.

    The Building Name Study Group shall be comprised of seven individuals, selected as follows:

    • two board members, one of whom shall serve as chair;
    • one staff member, appointed by the Superintendent;
    • one building principal (or principal’s designee), appointed by the Superintendent; and
    • three city-resident community members, appointed by the Board.