Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

  • Teams in each of our schools recommend interventions for students who are referred to the building MTSS team. A student may be referred to the team due to being identified as a student who is  struggling with their learning, behavior, attendance, or a combination of concerns. A building MTSS team includes a child's teacher(s), related services the child may receive, Administration, parent(s)/guardian(s), and other relevant staff members, depending on the concerns the team has for the student. Teachers, alongside intervention specialists in academics, behavior, attendance, and community provide interventions dependent on the MTSS plan. The building's MTSS team will reconvene in a set amount of time to discuss the intervention results, and modify the MTSS plan accordingly to continuously meet the needs of the student. 


    To refer a student to MTSS, follow the steps listed below.

    1. Complete the “MTSS Request for Support” form. Completion of this form will notify the building's IST chair to schedule an IST/MTSS meeting.  

    2. Complete the Instructional Strategies form. This will help the team identify strategies currently being implemented in the classroom.

    3. Both forms are located on infinite campus. View a student, and click “forms” to create a new form. See the image below.


MTSS Staff Directory

  • Central
  • Clinton Elementary
  • Early Learning Center
  • Krieger Elementary
  • Morse Elementary
  • Poughkeepsie High School
  • Poughkeepsie Middle School
  • Warring Elementary
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