• On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, our community will have the opportunity to invest in itself by voting to move forward with the Poughkeepsie City School District’s Capital Improvement Project. This project is essential to our ability to fulfill our commitment to our students to provide an enriching 21st Century learning experience. This website is designed to provide information and updates to our community related to this project. Use the navigation pages to the left to learn more.

    In advance, we are grateful to the members of our community for their support in approving this project.

    The following propositions will be brought forth to our community for its vote:

    Proposition 1

    This proposition focuses primarily on security and infrastructure improvements. Under this proposal, new security entrances, roof restorations or replacements lavatory, renovations, and upgrades/replacement of HVAC units and the installation of school marquees, would be a part of this project.

    Additional work, specific to each building, would be done as indicated in the full capital project plan. Some examples include replacement of old or non-working boilers, select doors, and lighting fixtures.

    Total Cost: $48,250,000

    State Contribution: 91.2% of aidable portions of the project.

    Percent of Project that Qualifies for Aid: 95%

    Tax impact: 33 cents per month ($4 a yr.) on a home with a full value of $100,000 for Senior/STAR; $1.25/mo. with STAR ($15 a yr.)  and $2 without STAR ($24 a yr.)

    Proposition 2

    This proposition includes major overhauls to the schools and instructional programs. It would allow PCSD to address many more infrastructure issues and develop comprehensive educational pathways for each school. Included in this proposition is a complete renovation of Warring Elementary School and the cafeteria at Poughkeepsie Middle School.

    Additional work would be done to each district building as identified in the full capital project plan.

    This proposition requires a supermajority vote and includes everything in Proposition 1.

    Total cost: $98,791,306 (Proposition 1 + $50,541,306 for all schools)

    State Contribution: 91.2% of aidable portions of the project

    Percent of Project that Qualifies for Aid: 70%

    Tax impact: $1.33 per month ($16 a yr.) on a home with a full value of $100,000 for Senior/STAR; $4.67/mo. with STAR ($56 a yr.) and $7.33/mo. without STAR ($88 a yr.)

Message from Dr. Eric Jay Rosser, Superintendent of Schools

  • Dr. Eric Jay Rosser

    City of Poughkeepsie Community,


    As a district we continue to reflect on our mission of providing innovative, high-quality educational opportunities that prepare all students to embark on individual paths of success in a globally diverse community.

    Our goal is to create 21st Century learning environments to maximize student potential and support the beauty of the surrounding community. We recognize that over the years our facilities have been neglected and in some cases have failed a community standard of how our educational institutions should contribute to the surrounding community.

    Through this project, we seek to deliver on our commitment to our students and teachers by providing them with modern spaces for learning and instruction and uphold our commitment to our community. The propositions will support us in delivering on this goal.

    To inform your vote, we encourage you to utilize the information on our website. We strive to support the success of the City of Poughkeepsie’s students and the beautification efforts occurring throughout. 

    Yours in Education

    Dr. Eric Jay Rosser

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