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      Poughkeepsie City School District
      Office of Family and Student Support Services
      55 College Avenue
      Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
      Phone- (845) 437-3473 Fax – (845) 437-3477

     District Mission

    We are champions of children who inspire and nurture the whole child by providing innovative, high-quality educational opportunities that prepare all students to embark on individual paths of success in a globally diverse community.

    The Family and Student Support Services office is responsible for a wide range of programs for students. Including, services to students with disabilities, homeless students, students receiving education programs at home and health services for students. The Family and Student Support Services office also coordinates guidance programs, school social workers, school psychologists, occupational and physical therapists and school nurses

    Administrators in the Family & Student Support Services Office

    - Assistant Superintendent for Family and Student Support Services 

    Charlotte Mennona

    - Coordinator of Student Support Services

    Michelle O'Gara 

    • Special Education administrative contact for the following schools: Warring, Krieger, PMS & PHS


    Coordinator of Student Support Services

     Triesha Foglia-Edwards

    • This office is responsible for programs for pre-school children with disabilities, as well as arranging placements when the children attain school age. 
    • Special Education administrative contact for the following schools: ELC, Clinton, Morse, Bridge program at PACE & BOCES programs. 

    Office Staff

    Lisa Clark, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

    Parents who have questions regarding an Individual Education Plan (IEP) should contact one of typists listed below for assistance.

    Jessica McRoberts, IEP Typist
    Gloree Sapio, IEP Typist
    Lisa Velez, IEP Typist
    Sherry Wilson, IEP Typist
    Jennifer Florin, IEP Typist 
    Nyato Murray, Account Clerk
    District-Wide School Psychologist
    Tasha Benbow
    • Primarily Chairs elementary and out of district meetings 


    District-Wide CSE Chairpersons

    Amber Dorsey

    • Primarily Chairs Secondary and BOCES meetings


    Maureen Gallagher

    • District-wide CSE Chairperson - Floater


    Homebound Tutoring

    Contact: Ms. Nyato Murray - Clerical Support

    This office is responsible for assigning Homebound Tutors to students who are unable to attend school because of suspension or medical requirements. 


    Contact: Ms. Jennifer Florin - Clerical Support

    Parents may exercise their right to provide required instruction at home under Education Law, section 3212(2).

    Home Schooling Process & Procedures: Part 100.10

    Section 504 Coordinator for Students 

    The Coordinator of Family and Student Support Services oversees the provision of accommodations for students identified as disabled under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and is also the compliance officer. In the event that a qualified student with a disability believes there has been a violation of their rights, under Section 504, a grievance should be submitted in writing to the attention of the Coordinator of Family & Student Support Services, and an investigation will be conducted.


    Other Relevant NYS regulations

    For the New York State regulations on Home Schooling, click here.
    For the New York State regulations on Homeless Students, click here.
    For the New York State Information about  Students With Disabilities, click here.

    Instructional Support Team

    Parents sometimes are concerned that their child is not making adequate academic progress. Often, parents are not sure where to turn for guidance and seek extensive testing for their children. In most cases, testing is not warranted and only places undue stress on the child. Many learning concerns can be addressed through your child’s building’s Instructional Support Team (IST Team). The IST Team is comprised of professional within your child’s school, and may include personnel such as: school psychologists, regular education teachers, special education teachers, speech and language therapists, building administrators, social workers, nurses, etc. The goal of the IST Team is to identify strategies/ accommodations/ services that will help your child be successful in school. Recommendations may include interventions such as: remedial services, instructional strategies, classroom modifications, behavioral interventions, etc. The IST Team will reconvene to review the strategies/interventions that they implemented. Parent input is highly valued and is necessary for the IST Team process to work properly. To have your child reviewed by the IST Team, contact your child’s teacher (elementary school) or guidance counselor (secondary school).


    RTI AIS Plan