District Administrator Contact Information

  • District administrative offices are located in various facilities throughout the district. The following lists district administrators under the heading of the building in which their offices are found.

    Columbus School
    18 South Perry St.
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Eric Jay Rosser
    Phone: (845) 451-4950

    Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services

    Dr. Timothy Wade
    Phone: (845) 451-4900 ext. 4972

    Interim Chief Finance & Business Official

    Robert McDow
    Phone: (845) 867-6103

    Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education

    Gregory Mott
    Phone: (845) 451-4900 ext. 2250

    Executive Director of Special Education.

    Dr. Iris Goliger
    Phone: (845) 437-3476
    Fax: (845) 437-3477


    Poughkeepsie High School
    70 Forbus Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


    Director of Physical Education, Health,  Athletics and Recreation
    Greg Russo
    Phone: (845) 451-4896
    Fax: (845) 451-4944


    Interim Director of Food Services
    Allison Jackson-Stephenson
    Phone: (845) 451-4780
    Fax: (845) 451-4873

    Director of Buildings and Grounds
    Fax: (845) 451-4835