• Communication Procedure for a Positive COVID-19 Test

    The purpose of these procedures is to inform the Poughkeepsie School community about the steps we will be taking to ensure compliance with CDC and NYS mandated COVID-19 mitigation measures.

    1. Employees receive a positive COVID-19 test
    2. Employee informs their immediate supervisor (Building Principal/Department Head)
      1. Employees will need to provide documentation to HR from a medical professional and might be asked to sign a consent form to communicate with a primary healthcare provider.
        1. Individuals may stay home using their own leave time without an order of quarantine as advised by CDC guidelines or recommendation from their family physician.
        2. Individuals will be credited retroactively for leave time upon receiving an order of quarantine subsequent to the original exposure. 
    3. Immediate supervisor contacts Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Dr. Timothy Wade
      1. Immediate supervisor will contact the building nurse.  If the building nurse can not be reached or there is not a building nurse (Columbus Administrative building), Supervisor will contact the district designated contact tracer.
    4. Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services informs the implementation team (Dr. Timothy Wade, Director of Safety, Security, and Transportation, Mr. James Oakes, Director of Special Projects, Ms. Kris Giangreco, Nurses, Ms. Alyssa O’Donnell, Secretary of Special Projects, Ms. Sue Stevens, Confidential Secretary in Human Resources, Ms. Deanna Singleton, and Typist, Mr. Darby Jones) and Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Mr. Gregory Mott.
    5. Director of Special Projects, Ms. Kris Giangreco will ensure information is on the district website
    6. Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Dr. Timothy Wade will inform the bargaining unit presidents
    7. Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Mr. Gregory Mott will inform the Executive Team (Central Office Administration and Principals)
    8. The Building Principal and District Administrator will make a determination about the next steps based on contact tracing and notify staff.
    9. Positive Individual may return back to the building once:
      1. They have completed the County required quarantine OR
      2. They have been cleared by a medical professional and are symptom-free.


    Facility Cleaning Procedures for Positive COVID-19 Test

    1. When notified of a positive COVID-19 test, the District may close the affected building for up to 48 hours on a case-by-case basis to disinfect the affected areas.  The District COVID-19 dashboard will be updated accordingly.