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  • Fall Sports Registration & Start Dates - 2021

    Varsity & JV - 8/23/21
    Modified (7th & 8th grade) - 8/30/21
    1.  You will need a doctor's physical that is no more than one year old as of 8/23/21 for Varsity & JV and 8/30/21 for modified.
    2.  Parents will need to create a Final Form account:
    Click Here: Final Forms
    2A. Upload a copy of the students' physical to Final Forms.
    3.  Students will need to create a Final Forms account:
    Click Here: Final Forms
    4.  Students will sign up for their sport on Final Forms (Registration will start 30 days before the first day of the above start dates)
    Click Here:  
    Final Forms  
    5.  It is the parents' and students' responsibility to ensure they are academically eligible to participate in athletics.
    Click Here:  Board Policy
    6. As the start date gets closer, the coach will contact the student-athlete with information.  
    7.  Student-Athlete Orientation   (Mandatory) 
    Varsity & JV - 8/23/21 @ 5:30 PM in the high school auditorium
    Modified - 8/30/21 @ 9:00 AM in the high school auditorium
    Teams & Contact Information:
    Varsity Girls Tennis: 
    Varsity Football: 
    Varsity/JV Cheer:  
    Varsity Boys Soccer: 
    Varsity Girls Volleyball: 
    Varsity Girls Swimming:
    Varsity Cross Country: 
    JV Girls Soccer: 
    JV Boys Soccer:
    Nathan Rosenberger - nrosenbe@poughkeepsieschools.org
    JV Girls Volleyball:
    Pamela Green-Smith - pdgreensmith1@gmail.com
    JV Football: 
    TBA (Pending enough players)
    Modified Football: 
    Modified Girls Volleyball: 
    Modified Boys Soccer:  
    Modified Cross Country: 
    Modified Girls Soccer: 


Contact Info

  • Athletics Department Staff

    Greg Russo, CMAA
    Director of Physical Education, Health Services, Recreation and Athletics
    (845) 451-4896

    Vincent Lawrence
    Athletic Trainer
    (845) 451-3134

    Margaret Piro
    Poughkeepsie High School Equipment Manager
    (845) 451-4895

    Juli Mitchell
    Poughkeepsie High School Nurse
    (845) 451-4882

    Stacey Maddalena
    Poughkeepsie Middle School Nurse
    (845) 451-4810

    Evelyn Aveledo
    Athletic Secretary
    (845) 451-4895

    Poughkeepsie High School
    70 Forbus Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    Phone: (845) 451-4895

Board of Education Policies Regarding Athletics