• Principal Starla CiarelliKrieger Elementary School Principal Starla Ciarelli

    Starla Ciarelli wants Krieger students and staff to know she’ll be there to support them as the new principal.

    Ciarelli served as the coordinator of K-12 math, data and testing in Clarkstown before coming here. Prior to that she worked as an assistant principal at middle schools in Mahopac and Wappingers. Initially, Ciarelli will focus on bringing back the community and students into the school and having them comfortable in the environment. “I want to focus on the positivity of coming back,” she said. “The teachers and students worked hard and I want them to feel comfortable coming back and know that I’ll provide the resources for them as needed."

    She also wants students to be comfortable with her.

     “I want my students to know I’m approachable and there for them - whatever they need to be successful. I want to be present in their everyday lives,” she said. Something evidenced by the fact that she moved the Krieger mailbox outside her office door for them to leave her notes, photos etc.