• Krieger students drawing Welcome to Krieger Elementary School, located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Krieger is located on the South side of the City of Poughkeepsie, on Hooker Avenue. Most of our students walk or ride their bikes to school each day. Students that do ride buses to Krieger are transported from all over the City of Poughkeepsie.

    In 2019-20, Krieger's enrollment was about 498 students. We have one kindergarten class and five classes on every grade level from first grade through fifth.

    Krieger students represent many countries from around the world. Our school utilizes a variety of techniques and programs to support our students. We have a general curriculum with a focus on STEAM-based activities and self-directed learning.

    About 25 percent of our school is ENL and 25 percent special education students from throughout the city. We have two ENL classes per grade and six special education classrooms.

    We offer stand alone classes, team taught classes, and grade level cooperative grouping. Our English as a New Language (ENL) teachers support their students through integrated programming within their homerooms and pull-out services.  Krieger operates using a Mutli-Tiered Support School (MTSS). We have classroom-based Tier 2 support and pull-out Tier 3 programs as well.  Our Instructional Support Team (IST) meets weekly to discuss student concerns. Our administrative team is supported by a Transformation Team that meets regularly to ensure the best possible education for all of our students. The Transformation Team also drives parent and community engagement activities.  Krieger is a PBIS school. We hold monthly assemblies to promote positive behaviors and operate under a different character pillar each month.

    Our Innovation Lab provides students with computers, software, games and more to help them develop their skills.

    In addition, we offer clubs and extracurriculars. Our student government is very active with community and school improvement projects and events. Plus, our community partnerships with Poughkeepsie Farm Project, The Art Effect and Family Services offer our students additional opportunities and supports.

    Phone: 845-451-4661 (During the COVID-19 pandemic, call 845-275-4667)

    Directions/Find us: