Welcome to Social Studies

  • PHS social studies teachersPoughkeepsie High School offers a variety of social studies classes to meet the New York State graduation requirements. We draw our material from history, the social sciences, the humanities and science. The goal is to educate scholars to become informed and involved citizens of our democratic society and be prepared to identify, analyze and work to solve the problems that face our community and the increasingly diverse nation.  

    There are required courses in World and US History, Participation in Government, and Economics.  In addition, we offer electives to help students explore their interests on a deeper level.


  • Please see class list for course descriptions


    Regents Level Sequence

    Honors Level Sequence

    9th Grade

    Global I R

    Global I Honors

    10th Grade

    Global II R

    AP World History

    11th Grade

    US History and Government

    AP US History

    12th Grade