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    The ​E-TECH program ​is a 2.8 Million public-private partnership that will prepare thousands of New York students for high-skills jobs of the future in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and finance.  The​ E-TECH model delivers five core benefits to students: 
    • A rigorous, relevant and cost-free “grades 9 to 14” education focused on the knowledge and skills students need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers;
    • Workplace learning that includes ongoing mentoring by professionals in the chosen career sector, worksite visits, speakers and internships;
    • Intensive, individualized academic support by K-12 and college faculty within an extended academic year or school day that enables students to progress through the program at their own pace;
    • An Associate of Applied Science degree in a high-tech field; and
    • The commitment to be first in line for a job with the participating business partners following completion of the program.

    The program is also designed to:

    • Develop programs of study in high-wage, high-skill, high-demand career areas;
    • Align school, college and community systems in these programs of study;
    • Support strong academic performance;
    • Promote informed and appropriate career choice and preparation; and
    • Ensure that employers in key technical fields have access to a talented and skilled workforce.

    Through these programs of study, students will be able to earn transcript college credit toward an Associate degree. Career pathways begin in grade nine and include workplace learning and high school and college coursework. The pathway provides a seamless sequence of study extending through two years of post secondary career and technical education which culminates in an A.A.S degree.