• Goals and Outcomes 

    The Poughkeepsie City School District Community Schools’ Initiative is designed and implemented as part of the turnaround strategy for all Poughkeepsie City School District schools. The full service model ensures that children are academically, physically, emotionally,  and socially supported to succeed in and out of the school environment and, just as importantly, beyond their high school engagement.

    The specific metrics that the Poughkeepsie City School District model will seek to impact are:

    • Academic achievement
    • Student Attendance
    • Student and parent engagement
    • Access to adult education programs within the community
    • The number of participants attending the after-school / Saturday programs
    • School culture and climate
    • Student leadership in school/ community
    • The health and wellness of students
    • The social-emotional well-being of students
    • Community engagement in schools (higher education, business, city, county, community & faith-based organizations, etc.)
    • Safe passage to schools for students