• The Poughkeepsie City School District Model is designed to support the success of the whole child and his/her family by providing opportunity and access to resources, services, programs, and community connections that support success in and out of school and beyond the Pk-12 continuum.

    The Poughkeepsie City School District Community School model focuses on five pillars: Early Learning – Pre-natal to Pre-school, Integrated Student and Family Supports, High-Level Community and Family Engagement, Expanded and Enriched Learning Opportunities, and Collaborative Leadership Practice intended to:

    • Implement strong educational programs which reduce learning gaps, enrich and expand the curriculum, and strengthen parent and community engagement throughout all schools.
    • Implement high-quality extended day and year-long programs of excellence (e.g., academic, cultural, artistic, athletic, and needs-based).
    • Coordinate local resources to offer medical, dental, health & wellness for families.
    • Extend PCSD’s involvement in the Prenatal to College & Career Success youth development space.


    For more information about What a Community School is, watch this short video.