(06/02/18) MBK Mentor-Mentee Workshop Held at Poughkeepsie Middle "Model" School


Training Photo

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, mentors and mentees of the My Brother's Keeper program attended a workshop hosted by The Leadership Program at Poughkeepsie Middle "Model" School. The five hour training revolved around the theme of "Finding the Leader Within". TLP facilitators Kareem Winters, Njoli Brown, and Ravan McKeithan did an outstanding job of presenting the leadership and self-awareness materials and activities to the MBK participants.

The workshop served a dual purpose as it prepared the mentors and mentees for the journey that they will share as the program continues to move forward and also provided the initial training of the MBK scholars for their leadership role in this summer's MBK STEM Sports Camp.

Please follow this link for photos of the workshop.