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PMS staff provide 13 families with holiday meals

Gift Cards were presented in a gift bag.

During a typical Thanksgiving break, Poughkeepsie Middle School staff donate turkey dinners to several PMS families.

Given the implications associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this year staff decided to give out gift cards instead.

“We were able to get 13 grocery gift cards for PMS families,” Kimberly Popken, French teacher said. “This was all made possible by the efforts of Annemarie Buccheri and Dominick Aquafredda who organized this effort and have done so for many years.”

The two donate their time and money and make the deliveries. The following PMS staff members donated Samantha Velez-Mitchell, Holly Dunn, Ann Marie Tucker, Laura DeQuinzio, Ashley Bass, Blanca Calderon, Michelle Bleakley, Julie Hayen, Brian Laffin, Kim Laffin, Steve Resler, Kim Messick, Stacey Wilson, Christina Gurnee, Tovah Goldfarb, Donna Palumbo, Jason Conrad, Ralph DeCicco, Pam Kaehler, Carrie Daniels, Kristine Morgan, Kenneth Behr, John Garesche, Kim Popken, Nedra Garriques, Jamie Sheehan and Samantha Rosario.

Deliveries were made by Tovah Goldfarb, Kim Popken, Ann Marie Tucker, Lalana Hunt Smiling, Jason Conrad and Kim Messick.  John Garesche and Kristine Morgan were on standby for deliveries.