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District set to debut new anonymous tip tool

 An Ad for the P3 Campus App that says "Anonymous, But still your story."Poughkeepsie City School District is improving its ability to be proactive when it comes to students’ mental health and threat prevention using a new anonymous reporting platform, P3 Campus from Anderson Software.

Made possible through the $900,000 School Violence Prevention Program grant the district received October, P3 Campus adds functionality the previous system, SpeakUp, did not have.

“This allows the community, parents, students to make the school aware of anything they feel may help - it isn’t just about violence, but could include tips about a student contemplating suicide, experiencing depression or anxiety,” Da’Ron Wilson, executive director of school engagement said. Reports can also be made for bullying, self-infliction, dating or domestic violence, inappropriate adult child interactions, and drug or alcohol problems.

Once the system is live within the next week, anonymous tips can be reported via this website ( or an app that is available for Apple or Android devices - use the accompanying QR codes to download. (Android left, Apple right) Those making the tip can attach screenshots, videos and photos to provide more information and aid in an appropriate response.

Once an alert is received, the affected school’s administrators are notified and can assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Included in the notification are the principal, assistant principal, crisis worker, social worker, psychologist and trauma liaison.

If a person calls after school hours and needs to speak with someone immediately, they are routed to a trained staff member at a monitoring service and that person will then be able to notify the district’s after-hours contact.
P3 Campus is in use at about 35,000 schools across the United States. According to stats provided by P3, the most common reports nationwide are threats of suicide, bullying and drugs.

A QR code to download the P3 Campus App for Android

Since the system allows for two-way communication, more information can be gathered at the time of the report. The system also allows for those people who make a report to be notified once action is taken, so the loop is closed.

A QR code to download the P3 Campus App for Apple

“I hope this gives people another way for people to communicate with the school district about concerns they have about students’ well-being so we can intervene and provide support before problems arise,” Wilson said. “The goal is to keep students and our schools safe.”