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Arts education continues to grow

As part of the district’s vision for Arts Education (see Superintendent Brief No. 71 Vol. 3), the district is making significant progress in expanding arts education programming for all pre-K-12 students through district-wide investments and engaging the arts community to support this important work.

In collaboration with the New York State Education Department, Stringendo, The Art Effect, Dutchess Community College, the Bardavon, the Public Arts Commission and members of the arts community, Poughkeepsie City School District students have greater opportunity and access to arts programming in and out of the school district.

“What’s most exciting about this movement is that our students are able to explore their interests and develop positive youth development competencies through the use of motor, social, creative and decision-making skills with the assistance of talented PCSD teachers and equally talented and committed community partners. What I appreciate most is the student agency these opportunities are providing our youth,” shared Dr. Eric Jay Rosser, superintendent of schools.

Enjoy this special edition of the Superintendent’s Brief, which highlights some of the most recent arts performances of Poughkeepsie City School District students.

Also, Wednesday evening members of the Poughkeepsie Board of Artistic Youth will be presenting research and recommendations on how to increase student participation in out-of-school programming to the Board of Education. The presentation is available on the school district’s YouTube channel