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Be heard: Survey aids improvement effort

An annual survey of Poughkeepsie Central School District students, parents and staff is underway.

The Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness, or DTSDE, is intended to aid school districts’ efforts to improve in six key areas through obtaining transparent feedback and evaluation of a district’s operations from its stakeholders. The online survey is available on the district’s DTSDE page, with different surveys offered for the elementary and secondary levels. The window to provide responses ends June 7.

The survey, which includes thoughtfully crafted questions, was designed by the New York State Education Department. Six tenets of effective school systems and instructional practices were identified for evaluation following extensive research: systems and organization, school leadership, curriculum, instruction, social-emotional learning, and parent and community engagement.

Following the survey period, results are analyzed and reflected upon. Results are posted annually on the district’s DTSDE page, and the current survey’s results will be posted later this year.

The survey is an important tool for driving district improvement and strategic planning. Through evaluation, the district gains a deeper understanding of where to target improvement efforts while also identifying which existing efforts have been most successful.

The district wishes to thank all those who have already contributed feedback to this important effort and encourages all who have not to take the time to do so. Your feedback is highly valued and valuable toward making a positive impact on student experience and achievement.