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Warring recognized for progress

 During a recent breakfast event, Principal Nicole Penn spoke to the staff of Warring Elementary School to recognize their achievements.The Warring Elementary School staff was recognized by the district with a breakfast for being designated by the New York State Department of Education as a School in Good Standing. The breakfast kicked off Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 7 (See Superintendent Brief Issue 4).

“Everybody here works so hard with the kids,” said school librarian Jessica Sapper. “We have come back from COVID and hit the ground running. We worked together as teams, separate teams, and one big unit to all benefit the kids. It’s all about the kids.”

It was the first time in 13 years the Warring was designated as a school in good standing by NYSED.

 Warring Elementary receives award from District for being recognized as a Good Standing school by NYSED.“Every year we work hard, so to be recognized for a big achievement like that for our building is huge and appreciated immensely,” said first-grade teacher Tanya Holk.

“It was a collaborative effort of every grade level and teachers pulling together, using data that we harvest and making smart choices for our children to advance them as much as we can and as quickly as we can.”

The library, which served as the site of the breakfast, had tables decorated in white and purple tablecloths. Silver and purple star-shaped balloons were at each table.

Staff heard brief talks by Principal Nicole Penn and Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education Gregory Mott before enjoying breakfast.

“We wanted to celebrate our faculty and staff this morning by providing them with recognition and use this opportunity to show them some appreciation,” said Mott. “The last few years have been very challenging, but this staff has come together and they’ve rallied under the leadership of Nicole Penn. We're excited for them.”

Penn has been the principal of the school for two years and previously served at the school as assistant principal.  “I’m gleaming with pride,” she said. “Everyone who works in our building knows that their job is to educate the children before them. I’m exceedingly proud that all of our staff members are educators of children.”

Dr. Eric Jay Rosser shared, “This event was intended to celebrate and acknowledge the entire Warring School community for this major accomplishment. The action of the entire community to achieve this accomplishment required passion, commitment, and simply a love for children. “