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PK Strings performs at Vassar

Last week the PK Strings, the Poughkeepsie After School Strings Program provided through Stringendo, a local nonprofit organization, presented its Spring 2022 Concert. The concert, held at Vassar College, featured 36 students from Krieger, Morse, and Warring Elementary Schools as a year-end event to the afterschool program (see the May 20, 2022 Superintendent’s Brief).

Supported by a number of benefactors, the goal of the program is to provide access to instruments, instruction, and performance opportunities and working to get instruments in the hands of all students who wish to learn regardless of any financial obstacles the families may face. Thursday evening’s performance was attended by parents, district staff, and community members vested in arts programming for students. The students performed several pieces led by their PK Strings Music Teacher Cassity Warnecke and were treated to a performance by the Stringendo Strawberry Hill Fiddlers & Vivace Orchestra, which has membership from students attending Poughkeepsie High School.

At the closing of the program, Danielle Sundberg, Stringendo executive director, made an announcement that every participating PCSD student would have access to continue their engagement during their summer program where scholarships were being made available by benefactors for students to attend.

For more information about PK Strings, watch the “Stringendo: Because Music Matters” video or see this article on the district website.