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SAVE Committee Updates Visitor Procedures

The safety and security of PCSD students and staff remain the District’s highest priority. In light of the horrific act of gun violence that transpired in Texas recently, the District SAVE Committee has updated building safety protocols outlining what will be required of visitors desiring to visit schools. The following visitor protocols will be effective June 13, 2022:

  • All visitors (anyone who is not a district employee or student of the school being entered) must have an appointment to do so or the permission of the appropriate site administrator.
  • Visitors must enter and exit through the main entrance.
  • Visitors must report immediately to the greeter, show a photo ID and identify the purpose of their visit - including with whom they have an appointment.
  • Visitors must be signed in and wear the visitor badge provided by the greeter during their visit.
  • Upon exit, visitors must surrender the visitor badge and exit from the main entrance/exit.
  • Items being dropped off for students or staff will be left with the greeter.
  • All visitors are expected to abide by the rules for public conduct on school property contained in the District Code of Conduct. Per the District Code of Conduct, those that fail to comply will subject themselves to disciplinary action, inclusive of law enforcement intervention.

These measures are being implemented to maintain the safety of the school environment and those that are members of the school community.

PCSD Visitor Procedures

Procedimientos de Visita del PCSD