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Tuesday PHS half-day cancelled, PHS parent-teacher conferences postponed

This afternoon at approximately 3 p.m., there were reports of gunshots fired on Forbus Street outside of Poughkeepsie High School.  No injuries were reported. The Poughkeepsie Police Department quickly detained two people related to and in furtherance of its investigation. 

Poughkeepsie High School building leadership followed safety procedures ensuring students and staff, still onsite, were secure using the district protocol for Hold in Place. District and Poughkeepsie Police Department leadership are in communication  and will continue engagement until the magnitude of the incident that took place on Forbus Street is better understood.  

While the investigation into this matter continues, as a precaution, Poughkeepsie High School students are not to report for the half-day of instruction that was scheduled on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will also be postponed.

Building and District leadership is set to meet in the morning to discuss the incident, identify additional procedures to further protect the entire school community, and develop a plan to support those adversely impacted by the incident.

The entire school community can expect updates tomorrow.