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District rolls out student responsibilities posters at PHS, PMS

Photo of PHS Student Responsibilities posterEveryone has a part to play in the success of our schools – including the students.

“We all have to elect to be part of the solution – including the students,” Superintendent Dr. Eric Jay Rosser said.

To that end, Poughkeepsie High School and Poughkeepsie Middle School are hanging posters throughout their buildings outlining student responsibilities to help students understand how they will contribute to their personal and collective success as students.

Culled from the district’s Code of Conduct, the 10 responsibilities identified on each poster are intended to help guide students and provide educators with a tool to reinforce appropriate behavior. These visual tools work hand-in-hand with our Positive Behavioral and Interventions Supports programs, he said. (See article below)

The posters are one part of a larger campaign to empower students to take full responsibility in their education. The campaign includes engaging students in leadership opportunities and will also serve as an expansion element of the district’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative that is being led by Mr. Da’Ron Wilson, executive director of school engagement. Other elements of the campaign will include morning announcements that will highlight student responsibilities.

This district effort to empower students to demonstrate their leadership potential is coming at a time when Poughkeepsie High School has experienced groups of students who have exhibited interpersonal conflict. The posters works as a visual reminder that schools are educational institutions where the expectation is that students take responsibility in their action to receive quality instruction in environments that are conducive to learning and instruction. Temporary posters (8x10 and 11x17) are currently posted in both schools while Dutchess BOCES prints copies that can be posted in classrooms and other student spaces.

Download and print copies of the posters using the links below:

PHS Student Responsbilities poster

PMS Student Responsibilities poster