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PHS student government launches voter registration drive

 Online Voting Drive

Participating in Youth Lobby Day last year spurred PHS senior and student government President Briceida Reyes to take action upon returning from the New York Civil Liberties Union-sponsored event.

She wanted to get more people - especially teens - registered to vote.

“It’s important to talk about how few young people vote, so we are not the ones making decisions even though we are the ones demanding change.” Reyes said during an interview after a recent student government meeting. “We need to vote for it. It is important for us to be active in the community.”

Student government member and junior Harrison Brisbon-McKinnon, agreed, especially after seeing what happened during the previous federal administration. “I believe people feel they were not represented in the nation and they deserve to be represented. It’s important to demand what we need from the nation,” he said, and to do so, registering to vote is required.

Together with the other seven student government members, they engaged in research and put together a call to action to accompany a virtual voter registration drive. In part, it reads, “Vote for politicians that will fight for you and fight for what you believe in, regardless of what that might be. We have the privilege to live in a democratic country where our voices matter. Where we get to create the change we wish to see. Don’t just talk about change, vote on it, and if it’s not being voted on, propose it.”

An interesting fact they discovered is that in New York 16- and 17-year-olds can pre-register to vote so they are automatically able to vote when they turn 18.

PCSD encourages all students who are eligible to register to vote,. On April 9, 2021 from 10:30 a.m. - 1:52 p.m. PCSD student government members will make themselves available to answer questions and assist students through the registration process Those interested can log on a the following location: