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Superintendent's 2020-21 Convocation Address

This morning, September 8, 2020, Dr. Eric Jay Rosser, superintendent of schools, delivered a passionate convocation address to district staff members. “Setting the Stage” was not only a message about what to look forward to in the 20-21 school year but also a call for each staff member to be reflective of their day-to-day commitment to students and how that commitment will “set the stage” for the future that their students will be able to attain. Dr. Rosser’s message of our staff’s impact on student learning day-to-day will result in the number of students who will walk across the stage when it’s their time.

The convocation address also shared with staff members the district goals and performance objectives that district and school leaders will be focused on executing throughout the year. A presentation to the community is slated for September 16, 2020.

In closing, Dr. Rosser shared that a quote he is often heard stating “ Where there is Great Challenges there are even GREATER OPPORTUNITIES”. He stated that district staff and community members have already proven its ability to overcome challenges and find success as demonstrated by what we did during the months of March – June. He stated that he is confident that we will continue to be met with challenges but is more confident that we have the resources, expertise, and commitment to overcome any challenge that will be encountered as we journey to transform the Poughkeepsie City School District.

To view Dr. Rosser’s Convocation address please click here.

Additionally to view the Convocation PowerPoint click here.