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First-ever Poughkeepsie City School District Health and Wellness Day

Our District staff participated in the first-ever Poughkeepsie City School District Health and Wellness Day, held during our March 29, 2019 Superintendent Conference Day. 
Eighty different workshops, healthy communal lunch, and two keynote presentations -- The Trauma Impacted Child, and, Dignity for All -- with 25 vendors from our community providing information regarding health and wellness products and programs!  Sixteen raffle items -- from dinner for two at the C.I.A. to a Regal movie theater bundle!
We look forward to making this an annual event --  to fulfill our obligation to support our staff members, to share important information, and to have time to refresh, bond, and re-engage in the work we do each day.
Many thanks to the Steering Committee for the countless hours of work organizing, setting up, and breaking down after this day-long event, and to our facilities staff, technology staff and to Chef Dave and his crew for the extra effort involved in helping make this day a success.
Think "healthy" -- and let's move forward through the Spring with renewed energy to support our students and each other!
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