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Parent Training and information.

Westchester Institute for Human Development offers free workshops and training for parents throughout the year. Upcoming offerings include:

  • Parent Member Training - This training offers  4-hour Virtual Parent Member Training four times per year, via Zoom. Participants will learn about the entire Committee for Special Education (CSE) process, and those eligible can attend committee meetings as a volunteer Parent Member. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a community in your district, support other parents, and learn more about the CSE process to support your own child!
  • Transition Planning - This training will help prepare you for your child's move from preschool special education to kindergarten. This workshop will be held via Zoom. Participants will receive a folder full of helpful resources and there will be plenty of time for questions!
  • Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Centers - Help students in special education. 
    • Free Trainings & Workshops
    • Educational Resources in English & Spanish
    • 1:1 Consultation and Referral Assistance