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Warring staff treated to first day lunch

Warring staff treated to first day lunch

Warring Elementary staff started the year off on a positive note, with soft music, a relaxing and friendly ambiance and delicious food!

When Pastor Cat of Hope Church discovered the news from one of his parishioners (who prefers to work behind the scene) that Warring Elementary School was under a new administration, he generously offered to join forces with Ms. Nicole Penn, Warring principal to provide the entire staff with a delectable luncheon.

The staff brought dishes such as beef, cheese & chicken empanadas, chicken chunks, rice and peas, roasted brussel sprouts, and salad (catered by Mi Sazon Boricua), while Principal Penn ensured there were options for non-meat eaters and vegetarians alike such as penne al a vodka and baked ziti, by way of Rossi's Deli.

The goal of the luncheon was to begin the school year with the message that we are truly a family. We work hard together, change the lives of children together and break bread together as well.

“What better way to do that, then to serve our entire staff- from the clerical and teaching staff to the kitchen and custodial staff, just as they serve our students and families all year long. Even our resident Cocoa with a Cop volunteer joined us for our Family Meal!”