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Warring students’ art helps celebrate Earth Day

 Evan Thirion Art Gael Juarez Art

Sen. Sue Serino is showcasing several Warring Elementary School students’ art projects online as part of the New York State Senate’s Earth Day poster and art celebration.

Teacher Kathy Orza got word of the annual poster and art celebration through an email from Serino’s office and assigned her students a project based on this year’s theme: “How You Reduce, Reuse or Recycle.”

For students attending class in person, Orza provided some materials including paper towel tubes, but students were allowed to use whatever they had available. All were given the freedom to make what they wanted. “We talked about how this saves the planet,” Orza said.

Seventeen students in grades 1-5 participated, with some from every grade. Students’ projects reflected their own interests and imagination. Some projects included:

  • An airplane made from a water bottle
  • A motorcycle out of a soda can and aluminum foil
  • A pig from a plastic bottle and paper
  • A cardboard sword
  • A safe made out of cardboard

Rafael Gonzalez-Pena wouldn’t let the fact that his mother wouldn’t buy him a safe stop him from safeguarding the money he was collecting. “I will create my own,” he said, explaining, “I like to collect money and wanted to keep it safe.” Designed using cardboard, tape and what appear to be small pieces of wood, Gonzalez-Pena created a locking box with dials that had to be turned a certain way before the lid would release. It took him about 1.5 hours, he said, adding that he had all the items he used in the house.

Orza said it is important for students to have their art displayed publicly. “When they hear compliments from outside it instills confidence, boosts their ego and encourages them to take chances,” she said. The items from Warring join posters and other art from schools in Serino’s district.
Photos, clockwise from top left: Fourth grader Rafael Gonzalez-Pena's safe, third grader Evan Thirion's motorcycle, third grader Gael Juarez’s airplane and fifth grader Mina Baker’s sculpture are on the New York State Senate’s Earth Day celebration page. All students who participated will receive a certificate from Serino, Ciera Mulligan, Serino’s public affairs coordinator, said.

Mina Baker Raphael Gonzalez-Pena 2

Photos, clockwise from top left:  Third grader Evan Thirion's motorcycle, third grader Gael Juarez’s airplane, fifth grader Mina Baker’s sculpture and Fourth grader Rafael Gonzalez-Pena's safe are on the New York State Senate’s Earth Day celebration page.