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Warring Scholarships Awarded in Memory of the late Tina Wandy


    In Memory of a cherished and dedicated, veteran, teacher of 30 years in the Poughkeepsie City School District; two fifth grade students will be receiving a special Achievement Award in honor of their first grade teacher, Tina Wandy. 

    Throughout her 30 years in the district, Mrs. Wandy has worked in Krieger Elementary, Columbus Elementary, and most recently Warring Elementary. She coached volleyball early in her career, raised three of her own children, and was an active member of PPSTA - the district’s teacher’s union. In addition, Tina was the “Queen of Fundraising” so students could have life experiences to support their learning. She believed in the potential of each and every student. She was an active participant in Warring’s Schoolwide PBIS program because she knew that learning did not just occur within the four walls of her classroom and students needed to develop their character as well as their minds. Mrs. Wandy was an avid reader and shared her love for reading with her students. Undoubtedly, she has gifted hundreds of students with the foundational skills needed to become lifelong readers and learners. 

   With this in mind, honorary scholarships will be awarded to two Warring Elementary 5th grade students moving up to the Middle School. These are students that had Mrs. Wandy as a first grade teacher and have continued to blossom as learners throughout their elementary career. Each scholarship will include a $50 gift Certificate to Barnes and Noble BookStore to encourage the students’  love of reading and learning about the world around them and beyond.

   The recipients of Mrs. Wandy’s honorary Achievement Award scholarship are Dorothy Berman and Nicole F. Cummings. “Dorothy has a ‘bubbly’ attitude towards learning and always tries her best, ” says fifth-grade teacher, Claire Himoun. Dorthothy is a helpful and kind student. She is a member of Warring’s ‘Girl Empowerment’ Group, participated in Student Government, and is a member of the Warring Chorus.   Nicole F. Cummings is not only receiving this award but has also been awarded the Most Improved Award in her 5th grade class. As per her teacher, Dr. Shanna Didymus, “Nicole is a hard working and inquisitive student. She is willing to ask questions and go above and beyond to grasp her academic and social skills!”  

Sadly, in mid March of this year, we unexpectedly lost Mrs. Wandy just three months before her scheduled retirement from the Poughkeepsie City School District after a 30 year career of growing minds, shaping characters, and touching hearts. The spark of light that shines in each student that her life as an educator touched will be a tribute to her legacy.

    To Dorothy and Nicole, Mrs. Wandy would be so proud of all of your growth, efforts, and achievements. Keep learning, keep reading, and dream big!