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District continues progress toward stated goals

District Quarterly goals

The Poughkeepsie City School District continues to show progress in achieving its 2020-21 annual performance objectives, Superintendent Dr. Eric Jay Rosser noted in his quarterly update to the Board of Education and community. Rosser provided an executive summary of the district’s status, sharing that of the 97 performance objectives, 34 goals have been achieved, 53 are on-track, four are off-track, and six goals have been suspended due to a combination of modified state assessments and/or the implications of COVID-19 on the traditional in-person instructional model.

When asked about the district’s success in achieving these goals Dr. Rosser said, “Amid a global pandemic, we have continued to move the needle forward in our districtwide transformation efforts. Not one person has done this alone, what we have accomplished to - date is the collective impact of many stakeholders who hold the moniker of being Champions for Children of the Poughkeepsie City School District high in their various roles and responsibilities”. Rosser also noted that he looks forward to presenting the year-end data during a summer BOE meeting and also sharing the 2021-22 performance objectives that will guide the work next year. To review the 3rd quarter report click here.