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ELL program team gets boost

Tracey Bleau
Tracey Bleau, the district's new ELL coordinator, works in her office.

The district’s 600 English Language Learners have a new staff member working to help support their success.

Tracey Bleau is a teacher on special assignment as the district’s new ELL Coordinator.

Working in the Curriculum and Instruction department, Bleau works to ensure the federal and state regulations are met and that the programming is working.

“I’m here to help the community of immigrants with their education needs and help build a strong program,” said Bleau, an ENL teacher with PCSD for 13 years, most recently at Morse Elementary School. She taught in all schools but Poughkeepsie High School and Krieger Elementary School.

Bleau made the decision to apply for the job after receiving her school administration degree because she felt that knowledge combined with her teaching experience at all the schools could help shape the ENL program and help the students.

“I have a social work background and wanted to get into a position to help people. Teaching is a huge part of social work and working with this population can make a huge difference in people’s lives,” she said.

The first thing Bleau is tackling is ensuring that the programs are running according to state and federal regulations and making adjustments as needed. She’s also looking at the district’s plan and goals it wants to accomplish. She has created a task force to help with that.

The districts 15 ELL teachers are assigned to schools based on need. They provide pullout and in-class instruction.

“We have a very strong and caring ENL department. Everybody is pushing to ensure we become stronger,” she said, adding, “I’ll work with classroom teachers to support their curriculum and move students up. We hope to eventually test them out of the program and have them be proficient in two languages!”