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Morse SSTAR students meet animals on virtual field trip

SStar Field TripLeft: Students in Elizabeth McGrath's SSTAR class at Morse take a virtual field trip to the Clarkson Beacon Institute of Rivers and Estuaries.

Students in Morse Elementary School’s Social Skill and Total Communication Access Room learned about rivers and estuaries last week on a virtual field trip to the Clarkson Beacon Institute of Rivers and Estuaries.

Host Brigette Walsh welcomed the kindergarten through third grade students and asked them to name an animal that lives in the Hudson River. “Catfish live in the Hudson River,” answered Aydyn, while Nicki was broader in her response, saying, “Fish live in the Hudson River.”

Walsh showed students pictures of animals that live in and around the river and taught students about the animals and the adaptations each used to help them survive. Students also met several animals live during the trip. First up was Henry, an eastern box turtle. Then, they met Lady, a painted turtle and finally were able to see a largemouth bass. Isaiah wanted to know how old Henry is.

Walsh said Henry was 20 and told students that he is an omnivore, eating both fish and vegetables.

As for adaptations, the class learned that painted turtles’ adaptation was webbed feet, which allow them to swim.

“It was a great opportunity for our students to learn about the Hudson River. They were engaged and asked great questions,” Speech Teacher Elizabeth McGrath, who has been with the district 24 years, said.

Below: SSTAR student learns about turtles during the virtual trip.

Starr turtle