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Burlington surprises Morse teachers with $10,000 donation

Morse staff and students react to $10,000 donation Funds to be used for classroom needs

Morse Elementary School teachers and students couldn’t contain their excitement when Burlington Stores surprised them with a $10,000 donation during a regularly scheduled school assembly.

Principal Nadine Dargan told the audience that they don’t often gather the entire school together. There was little room in the cafetorium as Dargan quieted the audience and introduced Rob Watterson, manager of Poughkeepsie’s Burlington Store located where Toys R Us used to be on Route 9.

“Do you know how hard your teacher’s work?” Watterson asked the children. “How about a round of applause for your teachers?”

Watterson told the audience that teachers often use their own money to buy supplies and materials for their classrooms before making the big announcement.

“We’re adopting all your teachers,” he said, before Dargan called the teachers upto the front of the room.

At that point, Dargan carried an oversized rectangle to the front as she and Watterson turned it around to reveal the check for $10,000.

The audience erupted with cheers and applause, followed by a loud shout, in unison, of “Thank you, Burlington.”

After the event, Dargan explained that the school has 29 classes, but four of them are very small, so they were combined. That means each class teacher will get about $400 to spend.

Students silently applaud Burlington's donation Each teacher will get their own account through AdoptAClassroom and be able to select whatever they’d like to have for their classroom through the organization’s website.

“This will allow us to purchase supplies that are needed and help us buy more curriculum that will aid children in their learning,” Kristen Hendricksson, a special education teacher. She has her sights on the PCI Sitework Program if it’s available.

First Grade Teacher Cheryl Haines said the donation means, “some of the many needs can be met to deliver a more quality education to the scholars in our building.” She would like to get the online reading program, “RazKids” if it’s available through AdoptAClassroom.